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Since 1980, Malvern has developed affordable, integrated, multi-carrier parcel shipping software for companies across a wide variety of industries. Automatic comparisons between multiple carriers and methods is one of many standard features.


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Rate Shopping Software


Malvern's integrated shipping software can apply rate shopping logic to automatically determine the best method for shipping domestic and international small parcel and LTL shipments. The Malvern Manifest System and Malvern Shipping Server support various methods for comparing rates and selecting the most cost-effective shipping method. Rate comparisons can include all applicable parameters such as weight, dimensions, residential fees, delivery area and fuel surcharges, discounts, and more.


Compare Rates between CarriersRate Shopping

Users can view a complete list of rates for multiple carriers and service levels from a single rate shop screen. Service levels are sorted by cost and the user can easily select the preferred method with a single click.


Bestway Carrier Selection

With bestway carrier selection, a user can pre-define several configurable rate shop codes such as cheapest, ground, next day, and two day. When a bestway code is imported or selected, the appropriate methods get compared automatically (such as UPS Ground, FedEx Ground and Priority Mail) and the cheapest method is selected automatically.


Business Rule Logic

For many shippers, price is not the only factor when determining the best shipping method. More complex criteria may be involved such as the customer, business channel, transit time, order value, geography, weight, and more. Malvern supports business rule scripting to accomplish the most complex and sophisticated carrier selection logic.


Rating Engine

The Malvern Shipping Server enables users to build rate shopping capabilities directly into their own user interfaces such as a shopping cart or order entry screen. Instead of building separate interfaces to each of the carriers' APIs (or maintaining your own rate tables), this rating engine gets installed within your network and can perform rating of all carriers from a simple, standardized interface. More Info

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