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For over 25 years, Malvern Systems has developed affordable, integrated, multi-carrier parcel shipping solutions for small to medium-sized companies across a wide variety of industries.

Postage Meter Interface


Meter Interface Software Module

Malvern Systems' Postage Meter Interface Module provides a real-time link between the Malvern Manifest System and a Hasler or Pitney Bowes electronic postage meter for fast, accurate and integrated United States Postal Service (USPS) processing. The interface may be used to process single-piece or batch mail USPS transactions.


How it works

The operator selects the required USPS carrier and mode on the Malvern System. The operator may then process either a single piece transaction or a batch mail run.


Single Piece Processing...For single piece transactions, the operator places the parcel on the scale. Once the appropriate shipping information has been entered (customer, department, special services, etc.), the postage is immediately calculated. The operator presses "P" for print, which processes the transaction; the correct postage is automatically sent to the postage meter, which then generates a meter tape.


Batch Processing...The Malvern Postage Meter Interface may also be used to process batch mail. For batch mail processing, the operator selects the class of mail and indicates a "Batch Mail" transaction. The operator is then prompted to assign a postage amount per piece, or enter a total amount of postage for the entire batch. If a postage amount per piece is assigned, the operator is then prompted to decide if individual meter tapes should be produced. If meter tapes are selected, the operator is prompted to enter the quantity of meter tapes desired. The postage meter automatically generates the quantity specified. If letters are to be batch processed, the operator simply places the letters in the postage meter bin, and the postage meter begins processing all the letters in the bin, applying a per piece charge to each letter, and updating the Malvern System with the accumulated postal charges.


For batch mail transactions where only the total amount of allocated postage is known, the Malvern Interface divides the amount equally and applies the individual amount to each piece in the batch, regardless whether letters or meter tapes are being produced.

The Malvern System always calculates all applicable postage charges and, if desired, "charges back" the postal expenditures to specified departments, internal budget centers, or customers.



  • completely integrated, real-time mail processing

  • accurate charge-back accounting reports allocating postal charges to appropriate internal budget centers

  • eliminates the need to process small parcel transactions and mail transactions in different areas

  • use one system to process all your mail and small parcel transactions.

Hardware Requirements

  • Pitney Bowes 6500 or Paragon Series Meter

  • Data-Pac PBMI PC to Meter Interface "Black Box"

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