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For over 25 years, Malvern Systems has developed affordable, integrated, multi-carrier parcel shipping solutions for small to large scale shipping operations.


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Starting at only $99 per month, the Malvern Manifest System now includes a standard interface to Invendia. This multi-carrier shipping software offers seamless integration between Invendia and multiple small parcel and LTL carriers through a single, easy-to-use interface


Fully Integrated, Multi-Carrier Shipping Software for Invendia UsersHow it Works

  • User types (or scans in) the Invendia Order # into Malvern

  • Malvern imports order data (ship to address, shipping method, etc) from Invendia

  • User hits Print (or manually updates or overrides any data, as necessary)

  • Malvern prints out the carrier-compliant label (for UPS, FedEx, US Postal, DHL, LTL etc)

  • Malvern exports shipping data (tracking #, shipping charges, ship date, etc) back to Invendia


Key Features

  • Automatic import of order data including ship to address, shipping method, billing method, order value, program and more from Invendia.

  • Automatic export of tracking, ship date, shipping charges, weight, box number and more to Invendia.

  • "Best Way" rate shopping enables multiple shipping methods to be compared automatically. The cheapest method is automatically selected between the defined methods (such as, UPS Ground, FedEx Ground and Priority Mail

  • Handles sophisticated carrier selection logic based on virtually any parameter including price, transit time, customer type, weight, package size/type, and more.

  • Supports multiple prepaid carrier accounts in addition to third-party and collect billing methods.

  • Supports alternate return addresses for multiple program users.


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