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Affordable, integrated, multi-carrier parcel shipping software for Lone Star Overnight and other carriers.

Lone Star Overnight Software

Streamline your Lone Star Overnight shipping by using a fully integrated Malvern Manifest System or Malvern Shipping Server. Compare rates and process shipments for all of your carriers from a single, universal shipping screen and (optional) full integration with your existing business systems or data.


Standard Features

  • Compare rates with other carriers (including FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service and more)

  • Print LSO-compliant shipping labels on 4" x 6" label stock (with or without a separate doc-tab with summary info)

  • Print standard and/or user-configurable end-of-day and on-demand reports sorted by nearly any criteria including order #, customer, carrier department, tracking number, and more.

Available Features

  • Integration with virtually any host system or database

  • Sophisticated rules for carrier selection which can take into consideration rate, weight, destination, residential/commercial, transit times, dimensions, product type and much more.

Lone Star Offers

Lone Star Overnight provides regional overnight delivery in Texas, Oklahoma, West Louisiana, South New Mexico and Mexico. With a selection of services you would expect from the major national carriers, LSO's unique regional footprint allows for an increased level of service at a lower price. A smaller service area allows deliveries to be made overnight, on any regular business day, at prices comparable to two and three day service from the nationals. LSO has a strategic alliance with other regional carriers (supported by Malvern) including: SpeeDee Delivery (mid-west states) and OnTrac (western states).


Available Service Levels

  • Priority Service - 8:30 AM Delivery

  • Priority Service - 10:30 AM Delivery

  • Priority Service - 3:00 PM Delivery

  • Ground Service

Special Services & Features

  • Residential Deliveries

  • Delivery Without Signature

  • Additional Declared Value (Insurance)

  • Saturday Delivery

  • Customized Email Shipment Notification

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