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For over 25 years, Malvern Systems has developed affordable, integrated, multi-carrier parcel shipping solutions for small to medium-sized companies across a wide variety of industries.

LTL Rating Software

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With Malvern's LTL Freight Rating software as part of your complete shipping software suite, you only need one integrated shipping solution that automates all of your shipment processing needs, from LTL to small parcel.

The LTL Rating module renders conventional, time-consuming rate calculations a thing of the past. With the speed and efficiency that the LTL Rating module offers, your company can reap such benefits as significant freight savings, faster, more efficient shipping and improved decision-making accuracy. With Malvern's LTL software, increased productivity is only a keystroke away.

Using Malvern's system, you can load rates for dozens of carriers. The LTL package also includes a rate shopping mechanism, which offers you a fast, easy way to determine the best LTL carrier to use for specific shipments. This convenient feature gives you the flexibility of comparing rates for an unlimited number of carriers, based on a variety of destination and classification criteria.


How it works

The LTL Rating software rates LTL shipments by carrier, freight class, destination zip code, and weight. The Malvern system accepts rates and classification information for an unlimited number of carriers, and can process and rate-shop even the most complex of multi-class shipments.


LTL Rating expedites the processing of shipments of all sizes. For example, instead of having to process each package on a pallet individually, the user simply keys in the total weight and destination zip code of the shipment. The system then automatically determines the correct rate and generates as many address labels as needed. Using the system's commodity (or "parts") database, which contains part numbers, description, and freight class for each item in your inventory, you can also automatically print a complete BOL (Bill of Lading), all at the touch of a key.


Rate Shopping

The LTL module's rate shopping feature will scan all of the carriers loaded in your system to obtain rates that meet all the requirements of the current shipment (destination zip code, class, weight, etc.). The rate shopping utility will then compare and display the rates for each of the valid carriers on one screen by price. Rate shopping can be performed on most types of shipments, including both single-class and multi-class shipments.



  • Allows for all of your LTL carriers rates to be stored in the system
  • Performs rate comparisons on all rated carriers
  • Rates single or multiple freight class shipments
  • Displays transit time (if available in rate table)
  • Easy to use and upgrade
  • Rates can be easily imported from various formats including the industry standard format


  • Provides one integrated system for all shipping and rating needs
  • Eliminates need for multiple, proprietary systems for many carriers
  • Enables immediate time and labor savings
  • Eliminates manual re-keying of rates
  • Allows for flexible updating of rates


Optional Features

Hardware Requirements

  • Approx. 20-50 MB HD space per carrier rate table

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