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Affordable, integrated, multi-carrier parcel shipping software with support for all major parcel insurance carriers.

Third-Party Parcel Insurance

The Malvern Manifest System and Malvern Shipping Server shipping systems support Third-Party Parcel Insurance

with virtually any provider including the companies below. To use this feature with your Malvern product, you must first open an account with your preferred insurance provider.


Carriers Supported


  • Third-Party Parcel Insurance can be configured for use with any carrier (US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, DHL, LTL and more)

  • The Declared Value of each shipment can be imported automatically from your Host System, Database, or Order File, as part of shipping system integration. Otherwise, the user can set it manually.

  • Business Rules can be automatically determine when Insurance should be activated (based on value of the order, the customer, etc) and the actual insurance amount can be calculated based on similar factors as well.

  • Standard Reports can be easily (or automatically) printed for accounting or premium payment purposes.

  • User-defined reports can be configured from scratch or by modifying our existing templates using our sophisticated Report Writer tool.  See the sample report below.

  • Save up to 50% (or more) off the rates the carriers charge. (Please note: Malvern makes no claims about the accuracy of this savings estimate. Please refer to your insurance carrier for more detailed rates and savings percentages.)

Sample Report

Third Party Parcel Insurance Report

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