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Since 1980, Malvern Systems has developed affordable, integrated, multi-carrier parcel shipping solutions for small to medium-sized companies across a wide variety of industries.


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The Malvern Shipping Server is the ultimate solution for any organization looking to build comprehensive, scalable shipping and/or rating functionality into a third-party or homegrown business system. Installed within your own network, this multi-carrier, "black box" shipping toolkit enables rapid integration of carrier-compliant rating and shipping functions into your own business applications with minimal coding and on-going maintenance.  


With the Malvern Shipping Server, your company can manage your rating and shipping via multiple carriers from a universal interface and centralized location. This will enable your company to reduce shipping system maintenance and compliance concerns.


Malvern Shipping Server


The Malvern Shipping Server API provides shipping and rating functions including best-way carrier selection, carrier-compliant label printing, comprehensive reporting, and end-of-day carrier manifesting & uploads for all major carriers including DHL, FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service, FedEx SmartPost, SpeeDee, and LTL. Additionally, the Malvern Shipping Server provides...

  • An industry standard TCP/IP sockets interface for minimal integration effort

  • Always up-to-date carrier rates and technology compliance 

  • Ability to support multiple origin shipping locations from a single, centralized server

  • A scalable solution that will grow with your organization



With Malvern's efficient design, users can gain carrier-compliant, enterprise-wide shipping functionality for one or numerous origin shipping locations all from a single, centrally located server. With this extremely cost-effective solution, comprehensive, shipping-related functions for all major small parcel and LTL carriers can be implemented using a single, universal interface.  Additional benefits include:


Accurate, real-time freight quotes... 

  •  Integrated into your internet shopping cart 

  •  Accessible by your order entry and customer service personnel

  •  Applied in automatic best-way carrier selection processes

  •  Available to shippers for making last-minute re-routing decisions


Carrier-compliant shipping labels...

  • Available for "upstream" labeling functions (Pick/Pack stations)

  • Generated for automatic print & apply equipment

  • Can be routed to local or networked printers throughout the office and warehouse


Multi-carrier shipping...

  • Available to desktop (front office) users across your organization

  • Integrated with in-motion, fully automated conveyor equipment 

  • Available at any logical stage in your distribution process (pack, ship, etc)



With a single server capable of handling several thousand transactions per hour, multiple remote distribution facilities can be easily managed from a single location.  The Malvern Shipping Server API is extremely well suited to handle daily transaction volumes ranging from 20 to over 20,000. Additional peak or continuous throughput capacity can be obtained as well as fail-safe redundancy by integrating one or more additional, centralized servers.   


How it Works

The required connectivity for the Malvern Shipping Server API is a sockets-based interface using the TCP/IP protocol.  The internal, multi-carrier engine and all of its carrier-specific components reside on a single server. All carrier functions (with the exception of end-of-day processes) are processed locally (no communications with remote carrier APIs required) enabling split second response times for complex transactions including multi-container shipment comparisons between multiple carriers. 


Shipping Server Customer Feedback

July 2009:

We shipped over 4,000 packages yesterday [the first day] with no Shipping Server issues. We saw a BIG speed/response increase. Typically with a GUI system, the operators would be waiting for the system to print the label before scanning the next package. Now the system is waiting on the operator!!

        -- IT Manager, TriVita


May 2009:

[A Malvern Customer Service Rep] is the most wonderful, knowledgeable, determined and helpful support person (by far) I've ever worked with. She's amazing.

        -- IT Manager, FMI International

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