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Affordable, integrated, multi-carrier parcel shipping software for the US Postal Service and other carriers.

USPS Delivery Confirmation Software



Automate the shipping of USPS parcels with Malvern's Delivery Confirmation processing software. The delivery status of parcels shipped via the US Postal Service through the Malvern Manifest System or Malvern Shipping Server can be quickly and easily processed and tracked.



  • Automate your shipping operations: increase efficiency, reduce errors

  • Gain access to the delivery status of everything your company ships

  • Ability to ship to every US zip code including P.O. Boxes.

  • Enjoy huge savings associated with USPS services (as compared to commercial carriers).


How it works

For qualifying US Postal shipments, the user can opt to use confirmation services (Delivery Confirmation or Signature Confirmation). These optional tracking services can be turned on by default (for every package), manually selected by the operator on a package by package basis, or automatically activated based on customer-specific indicators. 


Once a package (with a confirmation service) is processed, a USPS-compliant address/shipping label which includes a unique, bar-coded identification (tracking) number will be printed. Then, at the close of the shipping day, Malvern will upload the data to the Postal Service.  The tracking information will be accessible within 24-72 hours from the USPS through the Internet or telephone and will be downloaded automatically (when available) by Malvern to enable "Proof of Delivery" reporting.


Batch Processing

For a more automated solution, users can create a text (batch) file with all shipments to be processed and the Malvern Manifest System can automatically print every label and perform the electronic upload of data to the US Post Office with just a few keystrokes. In batch mode, printing labels (as opposed to using your own labels) is optional.


Mailing Services

Pressed for time and need to get a large confirmation services mailing out "yesterday"?  Send us a database with your orders and Malvern will print your shipping labels, ship them to you on rolls, and perform the electronic upload all within 2-3 days. You just need to stick the labels on your packages and deliver them to the post office. Contact us at (800) 296-9642 for more information.


Certified Solution

Malvern is a U.S. Postal Service certified vendor of Confirmation Services.

 MAC Certified

System Requirements

  • Internet connectivity (for data transfer with the USPS).

  • A D-U-N-S number is required for each origin shipping location.

  • Confirmation Services can be used with various processing modes (see table).


Product Internet Postage Postal Manifesting Metered Mail

Meter Interface

Malvern Shipping Server Limited Optional Optional n/a
Malvern Manifest System Standard Optional Optional Optional


Getting Started

The following USPS applications must be submitted to begin the process. (These applications are not required with the Endicia - Internet Postage option.)


   Confirmation Services Application USPS Confirmation Services Application (PS 5051)

    Confirmation Services Application USPS Request for Computer Access Application (PS 1357-S)


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