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Affordable, integrated, multi-carrier parcel shipping software with support for all major parcel insurance carriers.

Report Writer

The Malvern Manifest System and Malvern Shipping Server shipping systems include a comprehensive list of standard reports as well as a Report Writer tool which enables users to create highly customized reports from scratch or by using a standard report as a template.


Standard Reports

  • Shipping Detail (All Carriers)

  • DHL Shipping Detail

  • FedEx Shipping Detail

  • LTL Shipment Report

  • UPS Shipping Detail

  • US Postal Shipping Detail

  • Department Chargeback

  • Third-Party Parcel Insurance

  • And more...

Report Writer Features

  • Select report columns from a comprehensive list of shipping data fields

  • Filter data based on any variable or variables (carrier, customer, zone, etc)

  • Sort by any variable (carrier, service level, zone, customer, etc)

  • Include a secondary sort by any variable (e.g., Primary sort on Carrier, Secondary sort on Service Level)

  • Create custom fields using arithmetic or concatenation

  • Sub-total and grand total any numeric fields

  • Create custom report title and custom column headers

  • Configure layout including portrait or landscape, adjust column widths and text justification

  • Optional export to a file such as .csv, Excel, .txt, etc (in lieu of printing)

  • Generate reports automatically on a daily basis or "on demand" for a configurable data range

  • And more...

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