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For over 25 years, Malvern Systems has developed affordable, integrated, multi-carrier parcel shipping solutions for small to medium-sized companies across a wide variety of industries.

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Malvern's USPS Manifest Mailing System streamlines the processing of U.S. mail transactions. This option allows you to combine mail pieces of identical or different weights and rates into a single mailing. Any mailer who pays postage by permit with an advance deposit account may manifest mail. Postal manifesting also allows you to take advantage of a variety of postal discounts and automation incentives.

With the Malvern USPS Manifest Mailing System, each piece of mail is weighed and assigned a unique identification number. The Malvern software rates each piece and the required information is printed on a USPS-approved manifest. This manifest and appropriate postage statements, either hard copy (printed) or in an electronic format (pdf), are then presented to the Post Office, along with the processed mail. The Malvern system can also print labels for each piece of mail, which include the required USPS permit imprint and unique identification numbers.

Malvern's USPS Manifest Mailing System eliminates the need to affix postage on mail, therefore eliminating the need for postage meters or stamps. In combination with Malvern's optional charge-back accounting features, the manifesting option will provide increased savings, greater productivity and improve cost center accounting for your mail room activities.


How it works - Single Piece Processing

The operator places an item on a scale and scans or enters an package ID or order reference number. If using optional integration, all relevant information (mailing address, USPS shipping method, etc) is imported automatically. The user presses print (unless auto print is active) and an optional label prints and the record is added to the end of day manifest. At the close of the shipping day, all required USPS manifest reports are printed including all applicable postage statements (PS 36XX: 3600R, 3600PM, etc).

Greater levels of automation may be achieved by downloading order information in an electronic file to the manifest system. This downloading may be either batch or real-time. If order information is downloaded, the operator simply enters in the package identification number and the required shipping information, including USPS class of service and destination zip code automatically appears on the screen for confirmation. If the package identification number is bar-coded, and the system is equipped with an optional bar-code scanner, the processing of large quantities of mail becomes a hands-free operation!

Malvern's USPS Manifesting System can optionally be configured to work in a multi-station network environment, or interfaced real-time with your host system for instantaneous billing and customer service applications.


Approved USPS Manifests and Postage Statements for:

  • Mixed Class (single piece rate)

  • First Class Mail (1-13 oz.)

  • Priority Mail

  • Library & Media Mail

  • Standard Mail Letters, Flats & Parcels

  • Registered

  • Insured

  • Return receipt

  • Confirmation Services


  • Discounted postal rates for manifesting
  • Improved accountability for mail expenditures
  • Process all outgoing shipments through one system
  • Elimination of postage meter rental expenditures
  • Ability to take advantage of USPS automation incentives

Certified Solution

Malvern is a U.S. Postal Service MAC Certified vendor.

 Postal Manifesting - MAC Certification

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