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Affordable, integrated, shipping software with automatic tracking of DHL, UPS, FedEx and US Postal shipments.


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Automatically track FedEx, UPS, Postal and DHL shipments through your Malvern Manifest System or Malvern Shipping Server for up-to-the-minute delivery status.


Batch tracking can be scheduled to run at a specific time every day or at configurable increments (for example, every 4 hours.) Automatic batch tracking can also occur at any time by starting the process manually. Tracking results such as delivery status, delivery date and delivery time, signed for by, and location are downloaded from the carriers' data centers and are stored in Malvern's transaction history database. The tracking data is viewable in Malvern's Find Screen and can also be included in printed reports or exported directly into your host system or database.


Additionally, users can generate a printed POD Report which summarizes the the tracking/delivery results and can be provided (e.g., faxed) to the requesting party.


Users can access the tracking results in any of following methods:

  • Under the "POD Tab" in Malvern's parcel search (Find) screen.

  • Running on-demand printed reports or export files

  • Malvern Link scripts can be written to automatically make the delivery data immediately available in your business system via ODBC, csv file or one of various other export methods.

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