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Our affordable, integrated, shipping software can improve your LTL shipping process

by reducing the time it takes to generate Bills of Lading.


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The VICS Bill of Lading printing option enables you to automatically print industry standard VICS Bills of Lading for your LTL carrier shipments from the Malvern Manifest System or Malvern Shipping Server. Automated BOL printing will streamline your process by reducing or eliminating manual data entry steps. This is accomplished by importing order and/or line item detail directly from your business system or directly from internal address and commodity databases within our software.


BenefitsVICS Bill of Lading

Automatically generating a universal Bill of Lading will streamline your LTL shipping process and dramatically reduce errors. 


How it Works

Bill of Lading data such as ship to address, billing options and shipment contents (line item detail) can be manually entered, selected from a Malvern database, or imported automatically through a variety of methods from one or more internal or external databases (using Malvern Link).


Shipment Level Data Supported

  • Ship From Address

  • Ship To Address

  • Third-Party Billing Address

  • Bill of Lading #

  • PRO #

  • Carrier Name

  • Terms (Prepaid, Collect, Third-Party)

  • COD Amount

  • COD Terms (Collect, Prepaid)

  • Special Instructions

  • Purchase Order No

  • Order No

  • Shipment Weight

  • Trailer No

  • Seal No(s)

  • SCAC


Item Level Data Supported

  • Handling Unit Qty

  • Handling Unit Type

  • Packaging Unit Qty

  • Packaging Unit Type

  • Item Weight

  • Item Hazmat Identifier

  • Commodity Description

  • Item NMFC #

  • Item Freight Class



Optional Features

Hardware Requirements

  • Local or Network Inkjet or Laser printer

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