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Affordable, integrated, multi-carrier parcel shipping software with Internet Postage from Endicia.

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Malvern's Internet Postage software provides a complete, integrated solution for processing shipments for multiple carriers including the Postal Service (USPS) through your multi-carrier Malvern Manifest System or Malvern Shipping Server


This highly scalable solution is intended for shippers processing from 10 to 10,000 US Postal parcels per day.  


Malvern integrates with Endicia's internet postage service (called Endicia Label Server) to provide fast, accurate and integrated USPS shipping functionality. No need for manual data entry (including customs documents), a physical postage meter or printing manifests. The shipping labels include an IBI (Information Based Indicia) which downloads postage from a prepaid internet account and makes postal shipping a breeze.


How it works

The operator processes US Postal shipments like any other carrier (FedEx, UPS, etc).  When the shipment is processed, the software deducts the postage from your prepaid, online postage account. Then, a USPS-compliant label prints from your Eltron or Zebra label printer complete with the necessary postage to mail the parcel and customs information, if applicable. (See sample label.)  



  • Completely integrated, real-time USPS parcel processing

  • Use one, universal system to process all of your shipments

  • Streamlines international postal shipment processing

  • Accurate charge-back accounting reports allocating postal charges to appropriate internal budget centers

  • Eliminates the need to process small parcel transactions and mail transactions in different areas

  • Eliminates the need for expensive meter leases


Stealth Indicia

An optional feature hides the postage amount paid by the shipper.  This allows shippers to charge a handling charge without drawing attention to the difference between the actual postage paid and the shipping & handling charged. 

Postal Shipping Software with Endicia


Electronic Delivery Confirmation

An optional special service enables shippers to verify the delivery of packages processed by the USPS. The date, zip code, and time of delivery are all recorded by the US Postal Service.  Delivery Confirmation is free for most express services e.g., Priority Mail.  For most other service levels, it is $0.19 per package.


What our Customers are Saying...

"I can't believe how quickly this evolved. We were able to process all our USPS packages in minutes compared to the hour and a half that it used to take.  What a difference!  Kudos to [Malvern] for the great work.  I wish you could see the big smiles on the faces of those who process these packages, they look like they have been watching too many Disney movies. Anyway, thanks again, this makes a huge difference in our daily procedures."

        -- Warehouse Manager, Bullock & Jones


System Requirements

  • An Eltron or Zebra label printer (the same printer used for other carriers: FedEx, UPS etc)

  • An active Endicia Label Server Basic or Advanced account with Endicia

  • A reliable internet connection


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